• Timeless Weddings

  • Seamlessy planned

  • and designed

  • Attitude for details

  • with a soul

  • Addiction for authentic

  • joyful

  • True love.

  • Trends fade, the beauty of an authentic style is eternal

  • About me

    I am Chiara Metefori, a passionate wedding planner and designer born and bred in the heart of Tuscany. Creative by nature, I have experienced that the best results often come from excellent organization, for this reason I appeal to my methodical side in my creations. This quote by Anaïs Nin says something very authentic about me: “Luxury is not a necessity to me but beautiful and good things are”. I am a beauty seeker. I believe that authentic luxury is taking time to enjoy the beauties of my beloved Tuscany: art, food, history, the stunning views and the ancient venues. Luxury, to me, is also taking the time to listen to your deepest desires so that I can create something unique from the first impression down the smallest detail. My main goal is to create a personalized experience designed just for you.

  • Mission

    I get inspired by trends, but in my experience they are not needed when behind a wedding there is a great story. I am constantly reaching for authenticity in order to offer a wedding that is one-of-a-kind. I accomplish this by focusing on specific aesthetic factors: the venue, your own story and cultural background, seasons and traditions. But what counts the most, is the feeling I want to leave with my guests when they will think about a wedding that was created just for them.

    I aim to create weddings that have a soul capable of inspiring the whole design, so that your most important day will be timeless, stylish and gracefully authentic.

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